Senna: A Life Lived at Full Speed – A book worthy of a legend


OK so no book will ever be able to fully sum up the genius that was Ayrton Senna, but Christopher Hilton has come close.

Aryton Senna : Memories and Momentoes from a Life Lived at Full Speed is a simply stunning publication that details the legend to an awe inspiring degree. From his desperate obsession of winning the World Karting Championship, to his distain for the British weather, the book covers the 3 time F1 World Champion like never before.

With pictures and quotes from through out his racing career, and a Foreword from none other than Arytons sister Viviane, everything from his life is meticulously and faithfully pieced together.

But this particular publication is special, as it not only details the legends life in words, but in several artifacts and pieces of memorabilia scattered through-out the book. For instance, you can have your own copy of Ayrton Senna’s birth certificate, or a copy of a Suzuka track map that Aryton had signed and scribbled his gear changes for a fan. Our personal favourite however has to be the fantastic letter that Aryton sent home to his family after an early race at Snetterton where his brakes failed. His sheer skill and determination may only have been in it’s infancy at this point in the Brazilians career, but it is clear that from the moment he stepped in a racing car, he was something out of the ordinary.

Other pieces of memorabilia include a Christmas card from his Lotus team boss post Spanish GP 1986 where his team boss Peter Warr pleads with young Senna da silva to win by a bigger margin to ‘spare our nerves’.

It may have been an incredible 16 years since the death of the man that captured the hearts of whoever watched F1, but the mythology of the great man is perhaps even greater today than at the time of his death.

Anyone who is a fan of Formula 1 owes it to themselves to educate themselves further about a man that helped shape the sport we have today. I leave you with just one quote from the book that sums up the legend perfectly.

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