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Technology has come along way since the first on-board camera (shown below). Often as soon as a new piece of tech hits the market, another one is already hot on its heels to usurp it. From the first 16:9 devices, HD resolution, 1080p, 4k and now even 8k cameras, the industry just keeps on progressing at an alarming rate.

And now we have 360 degree cameras that give you an unprecedented level of all round vision that till now could only be achieved with multiple cameras. Speaking as someone who has run up to four on-board cameras on a race car to try and capture the race from different camera angles, this is a breath of fresh air.

The opportunity to test one of these new ‘Thrillpic’ 4k 360 cameras at a chilly Donington Park and in a full blown Clio Cup car driven by series regular Max Coates was one not to pass up. To my surprise the fitment of the camera was extremely simple. Utilizing a standard SD card (class 10 card is obviously a must) and fitment being no more difficult than other cameras such as a GoPro it is a compact and simple unit.

OK so it may not win any awards for aesthetics, but it has a functional and robust feel to it all and the buttons themselves feel like they will stand the test of time. They are also much bigger than you would expect, making pressing the wrong button much more difficult than on some of the smaller cameras.

Removing it at the end of the session and viewing the finished film was as easy as plugging the SD card into a laptop and installing a simple compact piece of software that comes bundled with the camera. Bearing in mind the high quality and large amount of data being recorded, the file sizes are on the large side of things and you’ll need some decent hardware for playback or frame-rate will suffer. Despite this though there is really nothing quite like scrolling around a complete 360 degree view of the interior of a race car over an entire session. It is truly a step above normal footage.

The software used to view the videos is simple to use although doesn’t feel particularly intuitive. On our machine it unfortunately wouldn’t let us go full screen, however exporting and sharing to the various social media channels was simple and easy to do.

All in all it’s a fantastic bit of kit and the Thrillpic 360 camera is clearly going to be a hit with the Motorsport / Tech fanatics who want a step above your usual onboard footage. Couple that with the potential of driver coaching and multiple angles of the driver at the wheel and you’ve got a fantastic all rounder that will give your footage an edge over competitors.

For more information, check out the Thrillpic website at

  • Full size SD card
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Full 360 4K
  • Splash Proof
  • Battery Backup and multipower options
  • rugged connections
  • no post editing required
  • software for MAC and PC



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Thrillpic 360
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The Clerk of Junior Torque. Administrator, Editor and Dictator!


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