Life of a team manager – David Ellesley

David Elleslley - RCC team boss

1. What are your day-to-day duties as Team Boss of Race Car Consultants?

Being a team boss is very much a varied and challenging role. I am responsible for a wide range of activities at race weekends, mainly it’s about being a knowledge base for drivers, parents and mechanics to reference off with any and every type of question imaginable. Being able to analyse information quickly and give a positive answer is a key attribute as a team leader too.

Outside of race weekends things are a little more relaxed, prioritization and organisation of car repairs and upgrades ready for their next outing is essential along with the more general day to day running of any normal business.

2. What are your tips for young drivers trying to progress in Motorsport?

Having been a driver myself for the last 18 years I would say the key things for young drivers to progress are to show their passion for driving, work towards bettering themselves as a driver and make the most of every opportunity presented to them. Andy Priaulx is a great example of a driver who worked his way to the top through sheer graft, politely persistent but with an underlying confidence.

We all know Motorsport is expensive and you need a certain level of money to compete, but in my experience if you REALLY want it, some how the money will show up.

3. What benefits do you feel Fiesta Juniors have over other series?

Fiesta Junior is a great training ground for any new driver learning their craft. The series offers a cost effective entry for father and son teams to go racing, with 3 main teams like Race Car Consultants offering support for drivers looking to go the ‘arrive and driver’ route.

Key advantages of FJ are its cost, the close, competitive racing, the friendly nature of the paddock and the environment created by the BRSCC for drivers to learn their craft it.

4. Do you feel there is enough training for Junior Drivers available to help complete novices or for the transition from karts to cars?

Thats a tough one….

There are certainly plenty of fantastic driver coaches out there ready and willing to help junior drivers, along with modern technology like V-Box…. but they come at a cost.

I have worked with a large number of junior drivers and the ones that really shine are the ones that want to self learn. For instance I may ask a driver to name turn 3 at Brands when they have never visited before, if they can tell me its Graham Hill bend they have clearly done some circuit research ahead of time…its the little things that make a big difference.

5. If you could improve one thing in Motorsport, what would it be?

Recognition for all the staff that make it possible to go racing, it frustrates me when there is so much negativity towards marshals/organizing club/coordinators. Its difficult to please everyone but I assure you they are doing the best they can.

race car consultants team

6. What is your favorite part of the race weekend?

Race time! There is nothing like seeing all your hard work come good on race day.

7. Where do you plan on taking Race Car Consultants in the future?

RCC has been expanding year on year since 2009, our plans as a company are very much aimed at increasing our junior presence in UK Motorsport and giving them a ‘ladder’ to climb within the team. We are just about to commission a brand new, purpose build 3,300 sq/ft workshop which will reflect our growing position in UK Motorsport.

Outside of junior racing we have a number of other cars and series we support, these include Porsche, Lotus , Radical and Caterham.

8. What do you feel is the single most important aspect for a young driver to concentrate on early in their career?

Self improvement. If you can focus on making yourself the best driver on and off the circuit, leaving all the excuses behind then you will go a long way in the sport.

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