7 things every Junior Racer needs to know

ards test class

We at Junior Torque have compiled this quick list of what we think are the top 7 things that ever Junior Driver needs to know when embarking on their Motorsport careers. Have we missed something? Contact us at contact@junior-torque.co.uk with your ideas!

  1. You need to make friends – contacts made now may be useful in the future and every meeting is an opportunity. You will make friends for life in the paddock but don’t be selective, be the nice girl/guy.
  1. Data is your driver coach – get to know how to use data logging. Study your data, use it, work on it and know where you can go faster.
  1. Know your circuit – if not by testing then use a SIM or even a Playstation, learn those corners.
  1. You’ll become superstitious – if you’re not already. Lucky boots, lucky gloves, routines or rituals will become critical to your performance (in your eyes!) if it works for you then why not?
  1. Things will go wrong – like it or not and you must learn how to deal with disappointment, keep focused on the end result, visualise yourself lifting that trophy and it will happen.
  1. Commitment to your racing doesn’t mean success – keep up with your school work, don’t opt out of exams, keep your options open. There are many talented racers who’ve worked really hard at their sport exclusively and not succeeded.
  1. The more successful you become the harder you have to work, there are pressures off track as well as on track when you’re at the top of your game. Media duties will increase and you will have more responsibilities to your team and sponsors. Remember also more eyes will be watching your performance including potential sponsors and managers.

Author: Clerk of the Course

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