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We joined junior racer Matt Greenwood for the opening round of the 2017 Fiesta Junior Championship at Brands Hatch – his first races behind the wheel of a Fiesta ST.

Q: What is your Motorsport experience to date?

I began endurance karting when I was 10 years old in the European Pro Karting Endurance Championship and in my second full year of competing I won the championship. In 2016 I joined the Junior Saloon Car Championship grid and 2017 sees me entering the Fiesta Junior Championship.

Q: Is there any particular reason why you moved from Karting to cars?

Space! I’m 15 years old and I’m 6’2” karting was therefore no longer an option for me.

Q: Why the move from the Junior Saloon Car Championship to Fiestas?

Once again due to my size, the cockpit in a Fiesta can better accommodate my height, so I feel much more comfortable behind the wheel of the Fiesta ST race car. Plus the races are televised throughout the season which is a bonus for my sponsors.

Q: Describe to us the lowest point in your Motorsport career and how you overcame it?

I found my first kart races really tough, I was thrown I at the deep end racing against adults who had been karting for over 20 years and the 6 hour long races were tough. I was off the pace and struggling. But I was determined to succeed so I did as many test days as I could and worked really really hard, stuck with it and won the championship in my second full year.

Q: Describe to us your highest point in your Motorsport career so far?

Winning that Karting Championship, it was an awesome feeling; I was so pleased all my efforts paid off.

Q: How do you juggle your school commitments with racing?

I do lots and lots of school work at home. On race weekends I have Fridays off to test and it’s important to stay up to date, especially as I’m in my GCSE year so I do extra homework when I’m not on track, it’s worth it though.

Q: Is there anything you believe could be improved for juniors competing in circuit Motorsport?

More exclusive junior test days please, not all circuits are fully supportive of juniors there needs to be more trust as test time can be limited for us junior racers.

Q: What is your long term Motorsport goal?

I’d like to win the BTCC and then progress to endurance racing, maybe LeMans.  But let’s see what doors open. I feel so privileged to be doing what I do now so I’m enjoying the moment; the future is a long way off, who knows what will happen? 

Q: Do you have a Motorsport role model?

Yes, Lewis Hamilton I admire and respect his ability to take whatever knocks he receives on and off track and go back out there and give it everything he’s got. He’s so determined to succeed no matter what.

Q: What would you like to achieve today, your first time racing a Fiesta?

I want the thrill of some good clean close racing, nothing beats that. I’d like a top 10 finish but most of all I want to do my best for my family and sponsors.


Whitworths Chemists

Ventures UK Limited


Post Race Comments:

How was your first round of the Fiesta Junior Championship?

It was great fun lots of competitive racing, the cars are side by side a lot of the time but there is no contact, it’s fair but very close. The car performed really well, I’d like to thank my team JamSport Racing for preparing and running the car for me this season and also big thanks to my Driver Coach Sarah Moore.

I loved it and I’m definitely coming back for more!

Matt came 5th and 6th in his respective races and received the BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship “Driver of the Day” Award.

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