Learn how to master the art of Kart Driving


“Learn how to command your kart, dominate your opponents and grow your self-confidence with advanced techniques and winning strategies used by the pros” This is what this new book, written by Terence Dove, claims to offer. A veteran of kart coaching, Terence has worked with some of the sports top young drivers and much like us here at Junior Torque, is a lover of proper Karting.

Now some people may roll their eyes at a 183 page book about driving one of the simplest racing machines on the planet, however those people clearly won’t have raced in ‘proper’ Karting. At the top levels grids can be covered by tenths of second from front to back and every top level driver in any class of car racing will have usually gone through the proving ground of Kart Racing. It’s at this level of Motorsport where talent shines through and is allowed to grow and is nurtured. A quick Youtube search of Lewis Hamilton in karts brings up a multitude of videos of him weaving his way through traffic, outsmarting opponents and showing off his now customary blinding speed. Throw in Jenson Button (1991 Cadet Champion & 1997 Super A World Champion) and a multitude of other F1 drivers who have raced at the very highest levels of Kart Racing, and you’ll begin to see what an important proving ground it is.

Learn how to master the art of Kart driving not only covers the very basics of driving a kart fast, but it also goes on to show advanced driving techniques and exercises that can be of use to anyone from complete novices to experienced racers. Ever wanted to know whether ducking down under the steering wheel REALLY makes a difference to drag, then wonder no more! Ever contemplated whether you’re wasting your time on test days and not sure what direction to head in? Terrence covers it all in his friendly, conversational style that is both easy and a pleasure to read.

Having spent most of my younger life racing karts at both Club and National level, I found the chapters on wet weather driving and mastering braking particularly interesting. My only regret is that something like this wasn’t about when I was a younger racer who found learning the trade tricky at every different stage I encountered. Every single aspect of kart driving is covered here from Fitness & Nutrition to Mental tips for Race Starts.

All chapters have accompanying illustrations and imagery. While some of the sketches can appear fairly rough and ready they are effective, relevant and easily digestible. Top Tips are also included and you can easily find yourself skimming through the book picking out relevant Top Tips on the subjects you feel need improving.

Perhaps more important than the multitude of advanced driving techniques covered are the chapters regarding the basics. Basics such as track walks, steering and braking techniques, hand positioning and body positioning are so often overlooked and yet such important tools for driving fast in any vehicle that I would say it is essential to recap on them every once in a while.

In conclusion, Learn how to master the art of Kart Driving is an essential tool for both inexperienced and race hardened kart racers. We all like to think we are driving gods and that we can get by on natural talent alone, however over time we all forget even some of the basics to driving fast and racecraft. This book will not turn you into Lewis Hamilton over night but having it to hand on test and race days may just give you that extra little advantage that at the top levels could be the difference between winning and losing. A great read, highly recommended.

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The Clerk of Junior Torque. Administrator, Editor and Dictator!

Master the art of kart driving
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The Clerk of Junior Torque. Administrator, Editor and Dictator!


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