Lochlan Bearman Interview


“My aim is to win the Fiesta Junior Championship this year”

We recently had a chat with BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship (FJC) racer Lochlan Bearman following his fitness assessment at the Porsche Centre, Silverstone.

Q: What is your competitive Motorsport experience to date?

I’ve won 5 karting championships and last year I raced in the Fiesta Junior Championship and came 4th in the championship standings.

Q: Why move from karts to racecars?

I felt I couldn’t achieve much more success in karting than I had already at my level and just felt the time was right to move to circuit racing and something bigger for me to drive.

Q: What has been the lowest point in your motorsport career so far and how did you overcome this?

The same race weekend I had my first podium with the FJC I also lost my first win. It was a tough one for me. The steering fluid pipe burst on the car when I had a 7 second lead, consequently my lead rapidly diminished and I dropped to 7th position.

I knew my pace was good and it was a mechanical issue that was just bad luck, so I felt I was competitive and therefore I was in with a chance to win next time.

Q: What has been the highest point in your motorsport career so far?

My best ever moment is difficult to pinpoint, there have been many, but maybe winning my first karting championship is up there as one of my favourites.

How do you manage to juggle school and racing commitments successfully?

My school is very supportive, I am allowed time off for testing as long as I keep up with anything I’ve missed in lesson time with extra home study. I also make sure any homework is handed in on time to show I’m committed to school as well as racing.

Q: Do you think there is any opportunity to improve junior motorsport in any way to encourage more junior racers?

A lot more publicity and media coverage of junior motorsport would help more people get involved in motorsport at an early age and therefore provide a better selection process for up and coming racers.

Q: What are your goals this season?

My aim is to win the Fiesta Junior Championship this year.

Q: Future plans? What are you long term goals in motorsport?

I want to continue to race, I’m keeping my options open but maybe some endurance racing in LMP or GTs. I want to be a paid driver doing something I love. 

Q: Who is your motorsport role model?

Ayrton Senna who was a great and talented racer.


I would like to thank Jan and Tony for all their support 

Everyone at Junior Torque would like to wish Lochlan all the best for his 2017 BRSCC Fiesta Junior Championship season.

Author: Clerk of the Course

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