Benefits of Sports Psychology in Motorsport


As an introduction to our series of Motorsport Psychology articles, we have written a short article on how improving your Mental Preparation can help you in Motorsport. An often overlooked aspect of racing, the mental side of the sport can very often be the difference between winning and losing.

To be the best in any professional sport you need to be at the top of you game, both physically and mentally. Concentration levels when involved in a high stress sport are ultra important and without them mistakes will inevitably begin to creep into your game.

5 ways that sharpening up your mental game can help your racing –

  1. Reducing tension. Being calm and collected before a race can really make the difference when you are faced with quick fire decisions on the opening laps.
  2. The perfect lap. Single make classes can often have grids separated by tenths of a second. Imagining that perfect lap can often help you do the perfect lap. Accessing ‘the zone’ is where the the best are separated from the good.
  3. Motivation. When your hobby becomes more like a career, motivation can wane. Ensuring you concentrate on the aspects of the sport you fell in love with in the beginning is important.
  4. Positive Mental Attitude. As human beings we so often dwell on past failures rather than celebrate more recent victories. Learning to prioritize happy memories over the failures is essential.
  5. Not barking up the wrong tree. One of the classic problems drivers face with Motorsport (and it even happens to top level drivers) is chasing your tail on issues that don’t actually bear any relevance to performance. We’ve all been at the race track making tiny setup changes that don’t actually make any difference and then making drastic changes that then make the situation even worse. Recognising the signs of this can maximize your time management.

As you can see there are some fundamental aspects that can have a large effect on your racing. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. In further articles we will delve deeper into the mind of a racing driver and find out more about the particular skills that top level drivers have honed over the years.

Author: Clerk of the Course

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